Like most football fans, I am beyond ready for the 2012 football season. We have reached that time of the year in sports, in my opinion, where there is nothing really exciting going on. Sure, the Olympics are days away, but nothing in my book replaces college and professional football season. Being that we are just weeks away from football season, the excitement in me, much like lava in a volcano that is about to erupt, is growing!!! Here are the Top-Five reasons why the 2012 football season needs to start NOW!!!

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    Pool On Television

    Sorry, but there are some things that just don't belong on sports television and POOL is one of them. Sure, we all like grabbing the sticks and striking the cue balls here and there, but when POOL is on ESPN and on other sports networks, its time for football to come back on!!! I cannot stand seeing POOL on television. When pool is on television this flat out tells me that there is NOTHING else going on in the world of sports. No disrespect to any of you billiard players out there, but there is nothing exciting about pool on television.

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    Social Media Sites Have Gotten Boring

    Every football season I tell myself that I will not engage in debate on social media sites, and that normally lasts through the first week of the season. If you want some good entertainment during any football season simply log onto social media sites like Facebook and/or Twitter. Fans simply cannot contain themselves, and I dare say that there is more "trash talking" on social media sites than there is on the playing field. Every fan gets defensive when his or her team is called-out, and that normally leads to a good debate. Sure, sometimes it gets personal, but we should all remember that its just a game. With that said, I am anxiously awaiting football season because it is the "spice" to any social media site. Oh and I cannot forget...we learn via Facebook and Twitter that there are more sports "experts" out there than we know.

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    Sports Talk Has Gotten Vanilla

    Aside from love for music, sports talk is my second love. So much that one day I hope to enter into that realm of broadcasting. I absolutely love listening to local and national sports talk on the radio. However, when there is no football or basketball season to talk about, I find that sports talk becomes lame and vanilla. Sorry but baseball, soccer, and hockey just don't do for me. I am NOT entertained to say the least. I miss the heated debates on sports talk radio, but I remind myself that once football season starts, its all back on the airwaves. There is no better time for sports talk than during football season. Oh, it doesn't hurt locally when you have successful teams to talk about (UL, LSU, Saints).

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    New Orleans Will Be The Host City For Superbowl XLVII

    Every so often the Super Bowl makes a stop in the "Crescent City," and this is the year. Whether or not I attend the game remains a mystery, but one thing that I am certain of is that I am going down to New Orleans the week of the Super Bowl to take-in all that leads up to the big game. I am determined to get down there and see all the broadcasts and events leading into Super Bowl XLVII. Sure, it wouldn't hurt for my all-time favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, to be in the game either. I often pick on my friends that are Saints fans by telling them, "Don't let my team win the big one under your roof." In any case, I am excited to attend festivities in New Orleans during Super Bowl week, it should be quiet an experience.

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    Saints vs Cowboys

    On December 23rd the New Orleans Saints will travel to Dallas and take on my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. The last time these two teams met in Cowboys Stadium it was on Thanksgiving Day. The Saints came out on fire and were able to hold off a tremendous comeback by the Cowboys. Like last time, I will be in attendance for this game, but this time DJ Digital is coming too. I am about to give Digital a taste of Cowboys football LIVE and IN-PERSON!!! I am beyond excited to watch this game with some true Saints die hard fans, and watch live from the comfort of that Billion Dollar Stadium. But again, its all out of fun!!!

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