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As finals begin to wrap-up on most college and trade school campuses, many are asking themselves, "what now?" Many of you have been studying and cramming for weeks and exams are about to all come to an end. But once all of the exams are done, what will you do then? Here is a list of things you are most likely to do now that exams are complete and you are done with another semester.

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Take A Vacation

There is nothing better than taking a break or vacation once finals are done. Sure, Spring Break allows for a quick break, but what better than a vacation after finals knowing that you have nothing left hanging over your head? I can vividly recall sitting on beach after finals and saying to myself, "this is the life." Getting away after finals and resorting to a place where you can relax your mind is A MUST!! Whether its the beach, mountains, or open plains getting away from it all is good for your mind and soul once finals are done!!!
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Getting Into Shape or Swimming

It never fails that after final exams are done here in Lafayette, you see more and more of the college age kids in the gym. Whether its running, lifting weights, or swimming, more college folks return to the gym or pool after finals week. For weeks while studying, college kids will get out of their daily routine and get out of their daily eating habits. Rather than eat healthy or eat at the right times, many who are preparing for finals will eat when they can and what they can. Thus, after finals are complete its time to get back into shape. Not to mention, being by the pool is always so relaxing and getting a few sun rays may just be on your menu.
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Burn The Textbooks

This has always been a tradition on many college campuses. Sure it is always a "plus" to sale back the text books and get cash on the spot, but it is always a pleasure seeing the books you were buried in BURN away!! For many of my friends and I burning the text books at the end of a semester was a tradition while in college. For some odd reason we seemed to always burning those that we felt gave us the biggest challenge during the semester. Should I mention here that the ingredients are simple: lighter fluid, matches, and a cold adult beverage. Cheers!!!
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Relax or Sleep Longer

Aside from burning my text books after finals, this is the one that I looked forward to most!! Weeks leading into finals can be rather stressful and often students are sleep deprived in the process. So it goes without saying that once you are done with finals all that you want to do is catch up on your rest or sleep. After finals, there is NO alarm clock and it feels perfectly fine to wake-up at noon or thereafter.
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Move Back In With The Parents

In the day and age we are in, more and more students may unwilling have to resort to this measure. Its hard enough to make ends meet these days and one way to save money between semesters is to return home...To The Parents That Is!!! Sure, you may be forfeiting some of your freedoms, but the amount of money you may be saving could be worth the temporary sacrifice. Now this may also apply to many that may be graduating this semester as well. Until you find that "real" first job after graduating, retreating back home may an option. In any case, this option should never be a fixed option, but rather temporary one.