We would all like to congratulate the city of Scott for being designated the Official "Boudin Capital Of The World!!!" Yes, the prestigious honor was given to the small town by the Louisiana Legislature in a 35-0 unanimous vote. With this honor, the small southern town now has bragging rights over other small towns in South Louisiana.Like any other business or industry, the boudin business is very competitive in this area. Everyone who makes the southern delicacy wants to be the one labeled as the one with the best boudin in the area. Well now the city of Scott can say that they have collectively become the best of the best.



Rep. Stephen Ortego went before the state Legislature and proposed the honor for Scott and he says in his resolution that there are five businesses in Scott that sell or make more than 1.3 million pounds of the spicy sausage each year.

Speaking from experience, the city of Scott is booming when it comes to making and selling boudin. It has become a tradition of ours to make the drive on over to our favorite store in Scott every Saturday morning and score with their boudin. I have tried the boudin at all five stores in Scott and each time I go into any one of the businesses it is always packed with locals and tourists looking to get their hands on this spicy delicacy. Again, congratulations to the city of Scott on this honor and thanks for making ALL of Acadiana proud!!!