For many of us, we have already seen a "Traditional Mardi Gras." However, for those of you that have never seen or been part of one, I think you will enjoy this video as we count down to Mardi Gras 2011. This video was shot around the Mamou area, and resembles most of the traditional Mardi Gras runs. The "runners" visit country-side homes, and are in search of ingredients to a good cajun gumbo. Homeowners will give rice, and as seen in the video, even chickens. The chicken is not killed on the spot, as the chase is merely a competitive tradition for this type Mardi Gras. Once their run is complete, the "runners" return to the city/town where they are greeted by thousands anxiously awaiting their return. It is then, at the end of the parade, where the gumbo is prepared for the "runners" as they begin to relax after a long challenging day on the country-side.

As for the kids in the video, there is a "Children's Mardi Gras" the week prior to the adult-run. Hope this gets you ready for the celebration that is now just WEEKS away.