Allow us to introduce you to a movement which was started by some female students at the University of Kansas and it is now sweeping college campuses across the country. It all started when a female student took a photo of her cleavage and put the photo on Twitter tagging it, "#kuboobs."

Since that photo, more and more females across the country have joined the movement and are taking photos of their cleavage with their school logo on the shirt and hash tagging the photo as part of the "#Boobment."

Yes, you read that correctly, females are showing their support for their respective school by snapping photos of their breast, while wearing their school t-shirt, and posting the photos onto Twitter. More than 11,528 people like KU Boobs on Facebook and 5,540 people are talking about it on the site.

According to the Kansas City Star, more and more schools have joined the movement. Other schools taking part in the fun are: (LSU @LSUBoobs), (Florida’s @UF_Boobs), Alabama (@bamaboobs), Auburn (@wardamnboobies), Arkansas (@arkboobs) and Vanderbilt (@vandyboobs).


Now, as of now, the only school we found from Louisiana to join this movement is LSU, but we will keep all eyes on this trending topic/movement. Do you think anyone at UL, Southern, McNeese, or any other state school is brave enough to start this type movement at their university? Being that girls from Louisiana are always down for some fun and always a little adventurous, we think its just a matter of time until Louisiana joins in on the fun.


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