The University of Louisiana School System has received permission to raise it's parking fees on the nine campuses throughout the state. The bad news for students at UL-Lafayette is that this campus falls under the University of Louisiana School System.With such permission, the schools can now raise fees for students from $35 to up to $100 starting in the fall. A spokesperson for the system said that none of the nine schools under the system came forth to request such an increase, but the possibility is still on the table.



The adjustment was set to accommodate the University of New Orleans, UNO, which moved into the system this year. UNO has set their parking fee at $100.

I hope that UL elects to NOT increase their parking fees. Sure it would be an increase in revenue for the University, but in the same sense it would be an additional financial burden for students. However, with new parking garages located on the campus of UL, this new policy may be enticing for administrators. With higher parking fess the new projects could easily be paid for and more projects to improve parking at UL could be entertained.

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