The People Against Ridiculous Facebook Fads have an announcement:

Facebook, we have a problem.

In the past few weeks an internet meme sensation has hit Facebook like a swift kick to the unmentionables. And the long term black and blue effects may be just as painful and just as sever.

The "What I think I do, What my friends thing I do" meme has everything it takes to be a long term social media viral juggernaut. It's easily customizable, it's easy to share, and it is incredible self flattering for the poster. When the meme first hit the monkey-see monkey-do high school cafeteria that is the Facebook world, it took off and never looked back.

Now I'll be the first to admit that the first one or two incarnations I saw of the meme were pretty funny, but at this point the novelty factor has long since worn off and all that's left is a tired fad that needs to be stopped. Not every occupation/extra curricular activity/sport/city/social group needs to be commemorated with a meme. Hasn't the dead horse been beaten enough?

Fortunately there is hope. Mardi Gras is fast approaching and maybe, just maybe, the beloved holiday will pry enough people away from their computers for the meme to die off on its own, never to be seen or heard from again.


In the mean time, please click the "Like" button at the bottom to share this blog with your friends and possibly deter future ridiculously played out meme posting, and whenever you see a friend posting their latest self-satisfying edition of the well worn meme, be sure to copy and paste the link to this blog beneath it. Right now, this blog may be the only line of defense we have standing between us and the monster meme. I don't like I our odds, but if we stick together, we can beat this thing.

Good luck my friends,

- The People Against Ridiculous Facebook Fads