Once again, the internet has blessed us with another average person who can really sing. Normally, a talent like this would go through life undiscovered, but we will probably see this kid on Ellen or Jimmy Fallon within the next few weeks. No one knows his name and according to the person who filmed this video he has no way of getting in touch with this kid other than seeing him when he is in a specific area of the Phillipines known as the Puregold Clark Grounds.

In a quick medley, he gives us priceless facial expressions as he effortlessly covers Bieber, Mariah and MJ while sprinkling in his beat-boxing skills. Of course, he has an accent, but just listen to the pure tone of his voice. I'm assuming this kid has had no classical vocal training, which means he possesses raw talent. Oh, and he also sells flutes.

Your move Justin.


For comparison, here is Justin singing in a similar situation.