Tim Tebow isn't playing in the Super Bowl this year because it would require him being on an NFL team, and since being cut by the New England Patriots in the offseason, none of the 31 other teams have shown any interest. In a new T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial, Tebow shows everyone the benefits of having #NoContract.

Many say he could be a great player if he agreed to play another position, but Tebow has stood firm in his dream to be a starting NFL quarterback. After a stint with the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets and the New England Patriots, that dream just never became a reality.

Tebow is seen delivering babies, finding Bigfoot, and finally bringing us all together through world peace. Just think, if he was busy playing football under a contract, it would be nearly impossible for him to achieve all of those amazing feats.

Well, technically Tebow IS under a contract, as he currently works with ESPN as a college analyst, but this Super Bowl ad may just be the best thing he's ever done in his career.

Sadly, it's probably the only "playing time" he'll ever see in a Super Bowl.