This story has the makings of an award-winning Rom-Com.

UPDATE: It looks like they finally met!

Imagine one day you're swiping right on some Tinder cutie, and then three years later you're going viral and the entire internet wants you to marry them.

Kent State University seniors Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec met on Tinder back in 2014. Josh says that Michelle seemed "different," so he shot her a message.

She eventually replied—but not until two months later.

Josh Avsec, Buzzfeed

Instead of getting offended or just deleting Michelle's contact, Josh took the humor in stride. Two months later, he decided to send a message to Michelle in the same fashion and the two have kept the joke going back and forth ever since.

Recently, Josh decided to share a few screenshots of their messages as a joke with his buddies, but his tweet was retweeted multiple times and within the hour someone had tagged Michelle.

When Josh realized Michelle was in the know he said his heart was "beating out of his chest," but Michelle eventually replied and was totally cool about the whole thing.

She even added a little joke of her own.

The whole experience finally gave Josh the drive to DM Michelle, but they still haven't met in real life yet.

Naturally, the internet did that whole internet thing and began rooting them on to get together. Some people even suggested they get married.

Even Tinder stepped in once they caught wind of the whole story.

The couple agreed on Maui and it looks like Tinder has made good on their promise. Keep up with their story on Buzzfeed and we'll check back in soon to see how things go.

You never know how far a swipe will take you, and if you don't get an immediate reply, this story is proof that there is always hope.