It's not all about the looks guys.......well at least according to CNN its not!It's not always about being a Jersey Shore Look-A-Like to be attractive to your partners guys(even if you went get the orange glow tan!). Seems that women basically look for 6 main things, and as guys we should look at and take more consideration of these!!!

1.) Remember women have loads of baggage also. Just because she is the hottest on the block doesn't mean her life is perfect.

2.) Most women prefer personality to looks.  So I say challenge anyone!!!! An average looking person can become the sexiest depending on their personality.

3.) BAD BOYS ARE NOT A TURN ON!!! - Women like nice guys with a backbone and strong sense of self.

4.) There is no such thing as 'The Right Line'. - It's more about how you say it and how you present yourself. (If a line was said badly by a jerk = epic fail).

5.) No such thing as a bad time for an approach. - Girls like to be long as it's by gentlemen.

6.) Don't admire.....RESPECT. - You can drool over a piece of meat with steak sauce, in society its called chivalry(no it's not dead).