Today, June 25th, marks the three year anniversary in the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. I know, its hard to believe that it has ALREADY been three years, but yes three years have gone by that FAST!! On this day, June 25th, the world was stunned when we found out that Michael Jackson had died.The pop icon died at his residence on North Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles from an apparent propofol intoxication. His personal physician, Conrad Murray, said he had found Jackson in his room, not breathing, but with a faint pulse, and that he administered CRP, but to no avail. Since then, Dr. Murray has been sentenced to four years in prison in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson.

Jackson had intended to perform a series of concerts entitled "This Is It," but just days before the tour was set to start, Jackson died. Proceeding his death we saw the entire music world come together for a service at the L.A. Staples Center in downtown  L.A. For me personally, I'll never forget the tributes by: Stevie Wonder, Usher, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, and Lionel Richie. Plus, how could we ever forget Michael's kids coming out on stage at the end of the service???


In any case, Michael may be gone but his music will NEVER die. His legacy in the music industry has been cemented, and still has an impact on so many in the industry.