At one point in time the one guy that EVERYONE knew was Tom from MySpace. Not only was Tom Anderson the creator of that crack-rock of a social network that you were addicted to before Facebook and Twitter came along, he was also your first friend.

You don't hear much about Tom these days, as names like Zuckerberg, Timberlake are common in the social media realm. And even though "the new" MySpace is giving it the old college try at a comeback, we remain obsessed with the likes of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

But believe me, Tom Anderson is doing fine. Like, half a billion dollars fine. He confirmed that by owning a dude yesterday who decided to heckle him on Twitter in a response to a comment that Tom made about the Instagram privacy policy fiasco.


Well played Tom, well played.

UPDATE: They guy who tried to diss Tom has since deleted his Twitter. Tom - 1. Douchebag dude - 0.