As 2013 comes to a close, it's safe to say that twerking was all the rage this year; but as the old saying goes: "There is a time and a place for everything," and the Grand Coteau Christmas Parade is definitely not the time, or the place for rotating backsides.

A video of teens twerking during the Grand Coteau Christmas Parade to Sissy Nobby's "Crazy Bout My Boyfriend" back on Dec. 7 has the internet collectively wondering how no one saw anything wrong with what is being shown in the clip.

Let me be the first to say, that I'm all about a good time -and let's be honest, EVERYONE loves to see a good band break it down with sassy dance moves during a parade.

But did this take things a step too far?

First and foremost, these are young students. Second, you can clearly hear profanity in the song that repeatedly suggests making "that a** go loop." Third, the dancing definitely gets a little risque and takes it past that fun description of "breaking it down" that I mentioned earlier, especially for the all-ages crowd in attendance.

I watched the video back, and in my opinion, the suggestive language in the music is pretty much the only thing I would seriously question. But, I'm also a fun-loving DJ that didn't have to shield the ears and eyes of my children in attendance. So there's that.

As we do with just about everything that shocks us on the internet, someone has to take the blame for this, right?

Not necessarily, but the interwebs usually won't stop until someone his held responsible. In this case, I'd say any adults who had knowledge of this beforehand should have known better, or at least used better judgement based on the theme and the crowd in attendance.

Oh, and we can blame Miley Cyrus. It's her fault too. Always.

But seriously, who am I to point blame? That's why I have you guys. Is this inappropriate, or are people just too uptight and critical?

Watch the video for yourself, and leave your comments below.