As a radio personality, this story hits home for me in so many ways.

Brenda Schmitz wrote a letter to Star 102.5 back in August of 2011. She loved their annual Christmas Wish, and one month before she lost her battle with ovarian cancer, at age 46, Brenda wrote a letter to the station - but never submitted it.

Instead, she gave the letter to a friend (who would remain anonymous) and asked them to hold onto the letter until her husband David had found someone else to move on with and take care of their four boys.

Two years after Brenda's death, David met a woman named Jayne who he would fall in love with, and would ultimately become a loving stepmother to his boys. Upon Brenda's request, the anonymous friend made sure her letter found it's way to Star 102.5 in time for this year's Christmas Wish; and with their help, Brenda was able to give her family an amazing Christmas surprise they will never forget.

Grab the tissue, and just press play.

As I stated in the beginning of this story, this hits home for me in so many ways.

First, as a human being, because anyone with a heart should have teared up to see the amount of love that Brenda had for her family, as well as the love that David clearly had for Brenda; as his wife, and the mother of his children. To know that in her darkest days, she was only thinking of the future well-being of her loved ones once the inevitable would finally take place.

Second, as a radio personality, we often say "this is why we do it" - and while that may sound cliche, there isn't a million-dollar giveaway, a station party, event, or specialty mix show weekend that can even come CLOSE to what we are allowed to do as a service to our community, and those who inhabit it.

I can still remember the feeling I got when I first realized that I could do what I love, and at the same time, actually change someone's life for the better. In all honesty, there is not one better feeling in this world.

What Brenda did for her family makes me happy - and the fact that it was all made possible because of an annual radio bit that aimed to give back, simply makes me proud.

Here is a copy of Brenda's letter to the station. But be warned, it's even more powerful to read than it was to hear being read over the airwaves in the video.

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Star 102.5

We hope to see a follow-up from the trip soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos of Brenda's beautiful family. This Christmas, feel free to pass on this story if it touched your heart in some kind of way. I know it touched all of ours here at the station.

Merry Christmas!

Brenda and Max

Star 102.5

Max and Jayne

Star 102.5

Brenda's New "Extended" Family

Star 102.5