May 24th, 11:20am

According to TMZ, it looks like the party will go on as scheduled. The lawsuit attempting to block the release of 'Hangover Part 2' was not accepted by the courts, so look forward to another night of chaos and mayhem when it hits theaters this weekend, and listen for your chance to catch a sneak preview with the Hot Crew this Wednesday night before midnite!

May 24th 2011, 9:00am

See the tattoo on Ed Helm's face? The man who created the tattoo for Mike Tyson says that's a little too close to his design, and he's suing Warner Brothers because of it. S. Victor Whitmill, the creator of Tyson's tattoo, is seeking a court ordered injunction on the grounds that the tattoo violates a copyright on the original tattoo.

According to Reuters, copyrighted works are copyrighted works, whether on canvas or the side of someone's face.  Let me get this straight, for Ed Helms to have a similar tattoo on his face is wrong, but for Tyson to appear in the first movie with the tattoo is just fine?

Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself...too close for comfort?

By the way, keep listening for your chance to catch a midnight preview of 'Hangover Part 2' at the Grand Theater on Johnston St. this Wednesday. We'll have special passes for you to win today and tomorrow!