This is a tear-jerker, you can feel the raw emotion coming through this video of a U.S. soldier surprising his girlfriend on the front lawn of FSU!

I'm not sure if it's the build up to Sergeant Clark Rahman trying to get to his girlfriend Lexi or the song and the build up. This video takes you on a journey from the airport to the front lawn of the FSU campus.

You can see how excited Sergeant Clark Rahman is as this video progresses while the song by John Legend playing in the background.

Once Sergeant Rahman gets to his girlfriend, Lexi, everyone stops and starts clapping for the soldier. Then out of nowhere his girlfriend Lexi sees him and jumps into his arms! It's very emotional, but very awesome how you can feel the emotions come through the video.

Thank you to the military for your sacrifice and putting your family and your life on the line for our freedom.