Between the flu epidemic, the miserable weather, and the stupid Falcons in the playoffs, back to school is pretty much the last thing anyone wants to hear at the moment, but unfortunately for UL students Wednesday will be "back to school day" whether you like it or not.

Fear not. It ain't all bad news. There are a few reasons why heading back to school isn't the worst thing in the world. Here are 12 of those reasons:


12. When you're on campus at UL you're never too far away from a Chick-fil-A.


11. Being back at school means you're that much closer to Mardi Gras.


10. Twitter is way more interesting when you're stuck in class and trying not to get caught.


9. Climbing the Griffin Hall stairs everyday is fantastic exercise.


8. New semester means fresh cash on your Meal Plan.


7. Ragin' Cajun Baseball season.


6. New classes mean entire new groups of people you can stalk on Facebook when you're

bored and/or stuck in class.


5. Somebody has to feed the alligators by the Union...


4. You finally get a chance to reunite with your favorite spot in the library.


3. Spring semester means it's actually going to warmup outside. At some point. We hope.


2. At this point you can get out of pretty much any awkward situation by shouting "New Orleans Bowl Champions!!!"


1. One more semester means one more step closer graduation, and a chance to finally get away from your roommate, who may or may not be the one stealing your frozen pizzas.

Oh, and one more pants.