I have always said that there are easily more LSU football fans in Acadiana than there are UL football fans. Over the last decade, LSU has consistently been a top contending NCAA powerhouse. Compared to UL, LSU is a bigger university, they are in a bigger conference and the bottom line is, they win, so naturally they have a ton of support throughout Louisiana and beyond.

But just because you support LSU doesn't mean you can't support UL too, and vice versa. Actually, I've never understood why some people feel the need to "choose" between supporting UL or LSU. (we all live in Louisiana right?) I've always found that it's more of an "either or" situation with most folks in Acadiana instead of just supporting both squads.

Isn't that why they created the UL/LSU "House Divided" license plate?

There is one Acadiana man that has hilariously sounded off on the whole situation. "T-Boy" is clearly a UL fan that is fed up with LSU fans in Acadiana that don't support the UL Ragin Cajuns. How does "T-Boy" feel about LSU?

Purple and Gold makes me wanna throw my etouffe` up!

Whether you support LSU, UL, or both, you'll probably get a good laugh from "T-boy's" rant.