In preparation of the New Orleans Bowl on Saturday Dec. 17th, the "Pride Of Acadiana" Marching Band, Cheerleaders, and Fans from UL have taken over the French Quarter in New Orleans. UL and it's fans have waited for this type celebration for decades, and it has finally arrived. The Cajuns will make their first bowl appearance in over 40 years when the take on San Diego State University this weekend, and the fans from UL are taking it all in. Here is a video of "The Cajun Nation" taking part in the "Second Line March" in New Orleans.


As you scroll through this video, see if you recognize anyone it. We here at  have noticed a colleague of our's from Townsquare Media, now see if you see anyone you recognize. In any case, by the looks of things, it looks like the "Cajun Nation" has started to paint the Quarter Red, and we will then move the party from the streets to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Saturday Night.