The OMG Tour is officially under way November 12th, and with a stop in Louisiana before New Years, that would be a great time to visit the Big Easy. Here's the schedule of concert dates as it stands now:

Usher: OMG Tour Feat Trey Songz

November 12th- Oakland, California

November 13th- Las Vegas, Nevada

November 14th – Anaheim, California

November 17th- San Diego, California

November 18th- Los Angeles, California

November 19th - Glendale, Arizona

November 23rd – Houston, Texas

November 24th – Dallas, Texas

November 26th- St. Louis, Missouri

November 27th – Kansas City, Missouri

November 29th – Toronto, Ontario

November 30th – Montreal, Quebec

December 02nd – Detroit, Michigan

December 3rd – Chicago, Illinois

December 5th- Atlanta, Georgia

December 7th – Greensboro, North Carolina

December 8th – Baltimore, Maryland

December 10th – Newark, New Jersey

December 11th – Norfolk, Virginia

December 13th – New York, New York

December 14th – Boston, Massachusetts

December 16th – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

December 17th – Washington DC

December 18th – Hartford, Connecticut

December 21st - Boston, MA

December 27th - Nashville, TN

December 28th - New Orleans, LA

December 29th - Memphis, TN

December 31st - Miami, FL