A group of girls at a Utah high school are upset that their yearbook photos were altered and now a television station, KSTU, investigates why the photos were edited.

According to Wasatch County School District superintendent, Terry E. Shoemaker, the photos were edited to reflect the district dress code, and that a sign was posted at the location of the yearbook photo shoot to remind students of the rules.

Still, some of the girls are not thrilled that sleeves and neck lines were added to some of their photos. The school district's only regret is that the edits were not consistent throughout.

No males at the school had photos edited in the yearbook.

We ask, was the school in the wrong here or were the girls in violation of the dress code? We tend to agree that if edits were to made to some photos, they should have been consistent throughout all of the photos. Tell which side you are on here in the comment section below.