Kayla Smith of Vancover, Canada posted this photo on Facebook and Imgur after she took what was her's. Smith had her bike, valued at $1,000, stolen from her last week, and after police seemed to be moving slow on their investigation, a friend of Smith's notified her that the bike she had stolen from her was for sale on Craigslist.

Smith wrote on Facebook, “That I was disappointed and sad because I had worked so hard for the bike. I absolutely love, love, love my bike. So needless to say I was choked.” Then a friend of Smith's contacted her and advised her that her bike was up for sale on Craigslist. Smith called police again, but they informed her that they probably couldn't get to her case for another day.

That is when she took the law into her own hands and contacted the person who was selling her bike on the website. She made arrangements to meet up with the guy at a Vancouver McDonald's to see the biker. Once there, she asked the guy to "test spin" the bike and at first the "seller" was reluctant. Eventually he gave in and allowed Smith to take the bike for a ride, only after he told her to "not ride away it."

Once Smith got on the bike, she never returned. In essence, she stole her bike back!! The thief was last seen running away from the parking lot, and police are FINALLY investigating the crime.

If you're wondering, yes this is her bike as the serial numbers match-up identically. For more on this story visit Grindtv.