I remember back in the day if you had a VHS/VCR player, everyone was at your house on a Saturday night watching movies. It was so cool, because you could watch your favorite movie as many times as you wanted. You didn't have to wait for it to come on HBO or some random channel.

As the years went by, your corner Video store turned into places like Blockbuster and Sun coast Video in the Mall. Where you could buy any movie you wanted, hence the VHS video collection started. Boy, oh boy, did we collect some VHS videos.

As time went by the CD player was invented then right after, the DVD was born. Totally smashing the VHS video tape to oblivion. If your anything like me you kept certain VHS tapes. For me it was Goodfellas, The Goonies and Back to the Future. I just cant seem to get rid of them, even though they're on VHS and I don't even own a VHS player, lol.

All of this is leading me up to the question: What are the VHS tapes you just cant get rid of?

Are these some of them?

Not sure what was better, the song or the movie.

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I think everyone owned or has watched The Lion King at one time.

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Every kid that had a VCR in their house had this move, and the debate is still in the air on what Turtle was the best.


This is a given. I still go back and watch these.


Did your VHS tape make the list?