Your first kiss is always awkward. These random people were asked to kiss upon their first time meeting. See what happens.

Of course your first kiss can be awkward, and for some a little uncomfortable. In the video above, you can see the and feel the awkwardness, as some of the couples introduced themselves to make it a little less uncomfortable.

Some of the couples even handed out compliments to get them ready to go in for the kill. One thing I did notice, once they started kissing sparks were flying. Some even played grab a** with their partner.

Would you just kiss a stranger for the first time without knowing who they were or ever spoken to them before? Comment below.

**Update** The people kissing in this video are all actors and actresses. The ad is for a clothing line called Wren Clothing. They really should've tried this with real people. In a weird way, I wanted this to be legit.