Vine is a place where you're almost guaranteed to see the craziest, weirdest, most outlandishly funny videos on a daily basis. From super cool camera tricks, to whatever the latest dance craze is, it's definitely the place where you see the most interesting things stuffed into the 6-second time limit that the popular social app allows. But an underage boy driving along the highway in a drop-top Mustang 5.0?

When I first saw the clip (NSFW: Language) on Joseph Thompson's Vine page, admittedly, I laughed. But then I got to thinking -- this wasn't staged! This kid (who is OBVIOUSLY underage) was just driving along the interstate like it was no big deal, in a convertible nonetheless! He was just cruising in a Mustang 5.0, circa Vanilla Ice in his prime with no attempt whatsoever to be discreet.

Maybe it was one of those people who just look way younger than they really are, like Webster, or Andy Milonakis; but I swear that kid can't be a day over 12 years old.

What do you think? Is this kid underage? Where are his parents? What was he listening to? Where was he going? Did he get there safely? These are all questions I may never find out the real answers to, but this is definitely the wildest thing I'll see all week - or at least until I check for any updates to my Vine.

Am I crazy, or do you think that kid was underage too? Comment below!