Well apparently Vinny believes music is the way to a women's heart............I don't think its with this song though.  Vinny wants his new mix tape 'Rack City Mix' to possibly be his next so called hit mix, but something tells me he just lost a ton of fans.

The subject that comes with the word 'Rape' is extremely touchy, so why would you make a song about it?  If you take a look on Vinny's Youtube page, he just released a song called 'Rack City Mix.'

Seems like in the song he is trying to pull a stripper with his game, but who would have thought his game was with lyrics like this,

These lyrics were posted by TMZ,

"I ain't got a girl ... You ain't got a man ...
I've got a date for ya ... and it's in my pants."

and then,

"Oh you a fan? You wanna take a pic?
I like your crack girl ... I wanna take a hit.
Yeah I'm takin' it ... I'm a get you naked b*tch ...
We can f**k and make it fit... boomin s**t and slatin' it.
Actin' like I'm raping it ...
f** k her til she fakin' it."

Vinny was really showing his class when he tried to explain why he put those particular lyrics in his new rap,

"I felt like being a naughty boy and rapping like a G. Ladies I still love you."

Ladies I have a question for you. Is anyone feeling the love yet?