Viral Video Star Kimberly Wilkins, aka Sweet Brown, is suing Apple because a song on iTunes uses the sample, "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That." The artist/producer allegedly did not get her permission to use the sample, and now Wilkins wants to be compensated.

The song was called ”I Got Bronchitis,” and it used several samples of Wilkins’ catchphrases from an early 2012 interview that turned her into an internet sensation. She is suing Apple, along with the producers of the track, for some $15 million in damages. Since this story broke, we have heard reports of this amount being lowered.

A Seattle radio show allegedly produced the song using many of the samples from this viral video, yet did so without any hand written permission from Wilkins. The song was then uploaded to iTunes and sold to those who wished to download it.

We should note that iTunes has been sued before for similar cases and was ordered to pay-up. It looks like "Sweet Brown's" bank account is about to grow if this reaches the courts.