According to Yahoo Sports, a waiter working at Angus Barn Steakhouse in Raleigh, N.C. was fired after he took a photo of a receipt left behind by football player Peyton Manning. Manning is currently  visiting several markets around the country as he continues his search for a new team. Apparently somewhere along the way, he and his "team" elected to have dinner at the steakhouse and luckily for Manning he left a very generous tip. The receipt Manning left behind had a $200 tip on it, and his signature was very visible on the bottom of it. Well apparently the waiter for Manning's party was overly excited with the tip and took a picture of the receipt. The problem comes for the young waiter when he decided to post the picture of the receipt on his own twitter page. After being notified of such, the management of the steakhouse elected to release the young waiter from his duties at the restaurant.





In the photo from Yahoo Sports, the last four digits of Manning's card are not visible, but according to the story, the original photo that was posted on the social media website did NOT have the last four digits blurred out.  In any case, Manning seems to be a very generous tipper, but did the restaurant have to "go this far" with their reprimanding in this incident?

Looking at both sides of the issue here, I can understand why the management at at Angus Barn elected to "fire" the waiter. I doubt that they, management, want any future potential customers fearing that their private information or tips will be made public. However, on the other hand, I think that the waiter did this without any evil intent. I honestly believe that the waiter got "caught up in the moment." In any case, several of the fired waiters fellow colleagues have come forth to support him in recent days.