A derogatory word against homosexuals was printed on a Lakewood bar receipt, but the girl that put it on the receipt said "it's all a misunderstanding,"

23-year-old Alissa Maugens knows it's a very sensitive subject, she apologizes for the remark but it was all out of fun. One thing people don't know is that Maugens is good friends with the people involved.

So here's what happened according to ABC 5, a SnapChat of the receipt from Rollings' cousin was captured by another friend who received it, posted to Facebook and from there, spread like wildfire.

This should be a lesson learned. You can't play like this, even if it is your friend. There's always someone out there that will be offended. It's how the world is right now.

The West End Tavern has since apologized on their Facebook saying,

Recently one of employees used an inappropriate and degrading term on a guest check that she thought was an attempt at...

Posted by West End Tavern, Lakewood OH on Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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