What do Khloe Kardashian and Lady Gaga have in common? Well, within the last 24 hours they both managed to expose their bare chests and flash the general public. Bras definitely weren't on either of their agendas as both stars had wardrobe malfunctions that made headlines.

Khloe's mishap was definitely my favorite of the two mainly because it occurred unbeknownst to Khloe or any of the 'Fox & Friends' staff. She appeared on the show this morning with her sister Kourtney to promote the upcoming season of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.' Khloe opted to not wear a bra with her black sheer top and 4 minutes into the interview Khloe's right breast took a wrong turn and was exposed on live TV for a prolonged period of time while the Kardashian sisters and 'Fox & Friends' hosts carried on chatted about the new season of the Kardashian's hit reality show.

By the time Khloe got back to her phone she then realized what happened and took to Twitter to respond to her followers that had been watching all along
My mom just called me saying my nip slip is 'all over the internet! Ha! Is it weird that I love it?! Who knew nipples were so special?

A Kardashian unashamed about exposing their private parts and using the situation to boost their celeb. Crazy right ? [sarcasm]

The other half of our wardrobe malfunction two-fer came from a person who is known for her outfits that barely cover everything up, only this time, gravity got the best of her. Lady Gaga was in attendance for the NYC's Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards last night and as always her outfit was outrageous as ever. As usual she turned heads when she arrived with green hair and platforms so high, that she needed assistance just to walk. Just like Khloe, Gaga opted for the black sheer top that barely covered up her lady parts. Eventually the heavy train of her dress gave in to gravity, pulling down everything attached to it, fully exposing her breasts to the dozens of photographers who were already firing away at Mother Monster. We don't think Gaga's 'flashy' moment bothered her much being that after she accepted her prestigious Fashion Icon award she stripped down to the full see through body suit and danced the night away at the after-party.
What do you think about these clothing mishaps? Are these celebs "asking for it" by going bra-less ? Sound off in the comments below !