On Wednesday November 23rd we did a special two-hour mix of our popular programming segment called "The Breakfast Jam." Leading into our birthday bash on the 23rd, we all felt that we needed to extend the segment and make it a little bit more special. Well, in one of the segments of the mix, we had Sir Mix A lot's song "Buttermilk Biscuits" cranked up and EVERYONE seemed to be enjoying it...including this young listener.One of our listeners, Jaci Viator, submitted this video to us via our facebook, and this  proves we have the ABSOLUTE best listeners in the world. Watch as her son "jams" to the Breakfast Jam while Sir Mix A lot is cranked up in his mom's car.


While we appreciate you all listening to Hot and to the Breakfast Jam, we REALLY appreciate you all sharing our product with your kid's. This video sums it up for us...we have fun and then you have fun!!! If ever any of you witness something like this with your kids while listening to HOT 107-9, please feel free to share the experience with us.