A concertgoer at a Creamfileds Rave apparently had too much to drink, or something, and made his way up a 65-foot scaffold while in attendance. While he seemed to not have any trouble making his way up the scaffold, things would suddenly change upon reaching the height of the structure. Things would start to change for this guy once he got to the top of the scaffold.  The concertgoer apparently loses his balance while up on the structure and that's when the unthinkable happens...HE FALLS!! Good news for the man, he was transported to an area hospital and released without any serious injury. He was apparently so unaffected by the fall that he tried to re-enter the event, but was turned away by security.


The dangerous practice of climbing festival scaffolding is growing in popularity, after festival-goers were seen climbing similar size scaffolding at the Future Music Festival in Randwick in March.

Luckily for us, we did not have have anyone try to climb the scaffolding that was set-up in Downtown Lafayette all weekend long for Festival International. I assume it's safe to say that the crowd for Festival International in Lafayette is better behaved than the crowds overseas visiting other festivals.