Here we go AGAIN!! Another great moment in LIVE television happened when a news person was pelted with eggs while at the desk. Panagiotis Bourchas, a Greek reporter, got the shock of a lifetime when he was pelted with eggs and yogurt live on-air.According to the Greekreporter, angry protesters broke into the television studio where Bourchas was filming, and hurled food at him on Friday. Bourchas was a champ as he stayed in front of the cameras as they furiously threw eggs and yogurt at him. The protestors were upset that he featured a far-right political organization on his show.




My question here is this, how did these protestors get into the studio/building? As tight as security is at some of these new organizations, I can't imagine something like this happening around here. Could you imagine something like this happening at KATC-TV 3? And if this would happen over KATC, I'd hope that my friends Hoyt Harris and Rob Perillo would retaliate by throwing a few eggs back at the culprit.