Deep down inside, we all have a major fear of something. For some it may be heights, but for others their fear may be of some of the world's smallest creatures. Watch as one woman confronts her fear of kittens. Yes, the lady in the video here lives in fear of the little guys who just want to rub up on you for attention...kittens.

While it may be difficult to understand her fear, it is quite evident in the video that her fear of kittens is 100% real. Watch as she creeps closer and closer to kittens as they are placed behind a glass window. Yet, the woman in fear still has trouble approaching the innocent little animals.

Could you ever confront your fear as the woman in this video is about to? Would it be easy to confront your fear, or would it have to be approached using baby steps? Whatever the case may be, we all live in fear of something, and the lady in this video below is about to come face-to-face with her biggest fears.