The marriage proposal is suppose to be  one of the best moments of any man or woman's life. However, at times the proposal can and will go wrong. Watch what happens when one man gets down on his knee while on national television...only to be TURNED DOWN!!!

On the "Ellen Show," the segment was set-up and a man was about to ask the love of his life for her hand in marriage. Well as you will see, she refuses his hand in marriage while on national television only to lead the show into a huge Christmas giveaway. Somewhere backstage a producer was like, "we have to save this poor man."

Knowing that she was national television and before a live studio audience, I'm not sure why she declined the proposal RIGHT THERE!!! Could she have not just said "Yes" for TV purposes and then discuss it later on? In any case, a man down on one knee gets shot down and a studio audience gets gifts from Ellen...Here we go!!!


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