Man, talk about having a bad day! First off this guy had to steal roses for his ex girl, second he got busted on LIVE TV. You can't even get out of that.  What could he say, "Baby it wasn't me" - as he shoves a dozen roses in her hand. LOL! Watch this guy put the "B" in busted.

This is the story behind it all:

A reporter for Polish 24-hour news channel TVN24, was broadcasting live outside a building in northeast Poland, when Andrzej Czapka (try saying that 3 times fast) appeared in the background.

Czapka, 30, can be seen putting his hand through the window of a florist before fleeing in full view of the LIVE news camera.

The news reporter was totally unaware of what is going on behind him, numerous viewers reportedly contacted police to say they had recognized Czapka, a.k.a. the thief. OMG!

Czapka told police he had stolen the roses to win back his ex, according to The Austrian Times.

"I'd broken up with my girlfriend and I wanted to win her back with some flowers but I had no money," he said.

"I didn't even see the film crew."


First rule in being a robber is make sure there isn't a LIVE NEWS CAMERA around! LOL!

Second rule: Don't get caught.

This guy broke all the rules to being a thief. He will go down in history as the worst thief ever!