News anchor Henry DiCarlo of KTLA News could hardly control his laughter after being tricked into saying 'Hugh Janus' on live TV.

Last time you saw these news anchors they were ducking under the news desk following Monday's earthquake.

It looks like they're back in high spirits again.

DiCarlo was doing birthday shout-outs just like any other day, when he came across the name "Hugh Janus." DiCarlo, not knowing what he said, was told by his fellow news anchor, which just happens to be the guy that was ducking under his desk on Monday due to an earthquake.

Once Dicarlo realized what he said, he couldn't stop laughing like a 13 year-old kid. It's great to see a sense of humor out of these stuffy news anchormen.

All I keep thinking about is, what if the kid's name is Hugh Janus and they just laughed at him?