Can you tell it's wedding season? Here is another reason why you do not get on an old rickety pier before a wedding! #Splash

The size of this wedding party is huge; 20 bridesmaids and groomsmen total were taking pictures on a old tiny pier. It sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke but it isn't a joke to this bride.


It happened in Crosslake, Minn. during Dan and Jackie Anderson's wedding. They decided to take a photo right before their wedding on the old pier. Well, didn't happen the way they planned, according to KMSP-TV. They went right into the lake and got soaked.

The videographer said the bride was very cool about it saying,

Did You Get The Shot?

Only three of the bridesmaids made it, the rest went straight in, including the bride! Then all the guest arrived to see them all soaked. LOL!!


They only started the wedding 10 minutes late, not bad considering they were in a LAKE!

You can check out all the pictures from the wedding, before and after they got soaked. CLICK HERE. The funniest ones are of them all undressed and in towels.