Tornadoes have captured much of the nation's attention this year, but hurricane season is not too far away, so Americans should be prepared for the possibility of devastating storms, even if you think there's no way one will come to your town. Of course in Louisiana, we are always prepared for the worst, and many say we are overdue for another "big one."

While it seems like that statement may be true, since we have avoided "the big one" over the last couple of years, a new list says Honolulu, Hawaii is the most overdue city for a hurricane. The capital city has avoided hurricanes for the most part, but if one should hit, it could cause immense damage.

Hurricane expert Dr. Rich Knabb, who compiled the list, said flooding would be disastrous, while adding, "The winds alone would be bad enough, with most homes not built to withstand hurricane-force winds, many of them perilously perched on mountain slopes, and numerous high-rises that would lose windows especially on upper floors."

But what about Louisiana ? Where are we on the list ? Are we overdue for another big one ? See where we fall on the list HERE.

Regardless of whether a hurricane is likely to strike your region, you may want to think about how to protect yourself, since 2011 is expected to be a busy hurricane season.