Its finals week. Finals suck. The only thing more annoying than studying for finals, is being out of college and listening to everyone complain about studying for finals. However, I've got a soft spot for your guys, so I decided to dig up something I wrote a few years ago that I think you might enjoy...

I decided to write this as an excuse not to study and because writing calms me down. Feel free to add some of your own. Anyway...

1. People sleeping in random places.

2. Red Bull

3. Buying 15 scantrons...just in case.

4. Starring at a blank Microsoft Word document for hours.

5. Making self loathing Facebook status'.

6. A decline in personal hygiene.

7. Asking yourself how bad you really need that degree.

8. Screaming "HOW CAN ULINK BE DOWN?!?" at your computer.

9. Alienating your family and friends.

10. Telling yourself your going to start studying after you check your Facebook...then stay on Facebook for two hours...then decide that your going to study extra hard tomorrow.

11. Checking your phone when you wake up because there is no way the time on your alarm clock can be right.

12. Sleeping in strange places.

13. Becoming really upset when someone takes "your spot" at the library.

14. Find yourself wishing that a natural disaster could occur on campus so that you wont have to take your test...then realizing how selfish that is...modifying you wish to wishing that a natural disaster would somehow only affect the school and not hurt anyone...and then justifying to yourself that it could actually happen.

15. Reorganize your room for the 7th time.

16. Trying to study while watching "Scrubs".

17. Fearing at all times that you've forgotten something.

18. Calling your classmates for study groups and when you get together, you do nothing but bash your teacher and your class.

19. Asking yourself "when am I ever going to need to know this?"

20. Walking into a room and proclaiming to everyone that you need a drink.

21. Asking yourself again how much you really need a degree.

22. Coming up with elaborate plans to not take your test. (ex. hospitalizing yourself, slashing your own tires, claim blindness, contract the "swine flue").

23. For the first time in your life...wishing the school week was longer.

24. Spending more time at the library then at your house.

25. Decide that you are for sure switching your major.

26. Two words....Taco Bell.

27. Developing a deep hatred for authors of textbooks.

28. Developing a deep hatred for the people sitting next to you in the library who were smart enough to bring food.

29. Asking...seriously do I really need this degree?

30. Wasting time by reading random articles instead of studying.