If you ask me, I would say the anthem is BLACK & GOLD ... but we know what happened to the Saints in the 1st round of the playoffs (no comment). The Steel Curtain has adopted Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa's latest single as their official anthem on their mission to get the Lombardi, while The Cheeseheads now have their own anthem from none other than their BIGGEST fan; rapper Lil Wayne. Wait, Wayne ? isn't he from ... Thats exactly what we said, but Weezy has always claimed to be a HUGE Packers fan, even though he does have love for his hometown New Orleans Saints. So huge a fan, that yesterday, via the web, Wayne unleashed a Packers Freestyle OVER the beat of Wiz Khalifa's Pittsburgh loving hit. (The Steelers aren't the only team in Pittsburgh that sports black & yellow ... The Pirates & The Penguins do also rock those colors)

Check out Wayne's Green Bay anthem ... very clever ... especially the last line on the 3rd verse. Enjoy !!

And for the Steelers fans, here is Wiz Khalifa's original Pittsburgh praising jam.