Even though the New Orleans Saints didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year, you will find yourself at a Super Bowl party, or hosting one yourself. You can expect to mingle with a mix of Super Bowl viewers. Some people are there for the game, and some are not. What type of Super Bowl viewer are you? Here are ten types of people that will be there.

  1. The Mad Chomper - The person who eats louder then the volume of the game. "Close your mouth while you eat please."
  2. The Double Dipper - This is obvious, sticking his one chip in and out of the dip and thinks no one sees him/her. "GET A PLATE ALREADY! "
  3. The Chatter Box - This person can care less about football or the Super Bowl and does not shut up during the entire game! "No one cares about the weather in China"
  4. The Football Airhead - This is the person that annoys you the most. While trying to watch the Biggest Game of the year, they "don't get it" and ask you what's a first down. "GO sit next to the Chatter Box" he'll tell you all about it.
  5. Mr. Serious - This is the guy that's there just to watch the game. He sits on your couch and doesn't say a word the entire game, he just sits there and moans."This is usually a friend of a friend"
  6. Mr. Know-it-all - You'll have plenty of these guys and girls at the Super Bowl party, spitting out stats that no one cares about, like how many touchdowns Payton Manning made in high school vs. the pros. " Dude that's what GOOGLE is for, STFU and watch the game already"
  7. Mr. All-you-can-eat- If the struggle was a town, then Mr All-you-can-eat is the Mayor. This guy thinks your super bowl party is a buffet. He's not hard to find, just look in your kitchen. "You should seriously consider charging this person"
  8. The Crunk Guy - AKA the guy that is there just to get wasted. He's the spokesperson for #TurnDownForWhat. He's there just because it's a party. He is so quiet when the game starts, but by halftime he is screaming and throwing chips everywhere. He's already made up Super Bowl drinking games by the 3rd quarter. "Have 911 ready to go for this guy or girl"
  9. The Sight Seers - There is something for everyone during the Super Bowl, These guys are at the party for the commercials and half-time show only, and say things like: "What time is Bruno Mars coming on" and "That commercial was pretty good" and always end it with " The commercials were better last year" Sorry to tell you, but no, they weren't .
  10. Mr. I told-you-so - This is the guy/girl that predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl, and usually picks the opposite team than you pick. You go back and forth with this person the whole game, and of course he/she gets it right. Before he/she leaves scream out "I told you so." Just get out of my house already.

These are the types of people you'll see at a Super Bowl party. If I missed anyone, please comment below.