If you've ever had a tire that was low on air, you've probably asked yourself the question: "What would happen if I put too much air in my tire?"  Would it explode? Would the air pump just stop? Would the unnecessary air leak out of the tire? If you don't have a pressure gauge, this video will probably make you go out and buy one ASAP. Consider this your public safety announcement of the day.

This video is pretty extreme, and I'm not sure if it would be as dramatic if the tire was smaller, but I still wouldn't take the chance. If you don't know how much air to put in your tire, simply check its sidewall for the "PSI" (pound-force per square inch) or, use a tire gauge. They're actually pretty cheap, and you can easily find one at your local auto parts store.

I know this post may seem silly, but I'd rather you know than seeing you end up like the dummy in the video. : )