While we all laugh at cute baby costumes and more, at times parents can go over-board. Buzzfeed has a list of 20 Bad costumes parents have used to dress their kids up as food. Personally, I think that if my parents ever did this to me, I'd have never come out of hiding once I saw the photos.

In the above photo, apparently this kids parent's thought that it'd be cure to have their baby dressed up as a turkey for Thanksgiving Day. Look, they could have taken a different route for "Turkey Day." Every year there are football games, dress the baby up as a football player or cheerleader, but NOT a turkey. I am just gonna go out on a limb here and guess that once this kid is old enough, he/she will hate Thanksgiving.

Now, in the above photo some parent actually thought it would be cute to have their baby stuffed between two buns. No No No!!! This precious kid will never have the pleasure of enjoying a "Happy Meal" or meals of that sort once he is old enough. How did a parent do this, and then say this is precious!!! They obviously weren't laughing "with their kid."

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