Business Insider surveyed 1,600 people and they have determined which of the states are the Drunkest, Dumbest, Nicest, Rudest, and Smartest. Yes, 1,600 had the power in the their hands to judge everyone else within the 50 states.

Here are the results of the survey in various categories:

Best Food:  New York.  It just beat California, Louisiana, Texas, Maine, and Illinois.

Worst Food:  Alaska.  It's followed by Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, and Florida.

Most Beautiful Scenery: Colorado.  It beat out Hawaii, Alaska, California, and Montana.

Worst Scenery:  Kansas.  New Jersey was a close second.  The rest of the top five are Iowa, Nebraska, and Nevada.

Drunkest:  Louisiana.  It beat out Florida, California, Nevada, Texas, and New York.

Rudest:  New York got almost half the vote.  The rest of the top five are New Jersey, California, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Nicest: Georgia.  It beat out Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Hawaii.

Smartest: Massachusetts.  It finished ahead of Florida, California, Washington, and Connecticut.

Dumbest: Mississippi.  It beat out Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

Best Sports Fans: New York just beat out Texas.  The rest of the top five are Illinois, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.

Worst Sports Fan: Also New York.  The rest of the top five are Pennsylvania, Florida, California . . . and, for some reason, Alaska.

As you can see, we here in Louisiana are viewed as being the drunkest of all. Sure, we made the top of a list, but do we really want to be known for such? I know we like to party, tailgate, and have a good time, but are we really the "Drunkest State" out of all 50?

I am really disappointed that we, Louisiana, are not viewed as the the state for best food. New York, Really? I'll give it to them, they may have better pizza up there, but there is NO WAY they have better cuisine than we here in Louisiana. I personally feel like we were robbed in the that category.

As for a few others I agree that Colorado is the best scenic and that the rudest may be in New York. But don't you feel sorry for our neighbors to the east of us, Mississippi? They are viewed as the "Dumbest" state of all. Sadly, according to this survey, Louisiana isn't very far behind Mississippi when it comes to which state is viewed as the "Dumbest."

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