Whitney Houston is making one last trip home, except this one isn't full of laughs, exciting, and celebration.  According to People Magazine, the funeral for the 48-year-old super star singer will be held later on this week in Newark, New Jersey.Whitney Houston's body was released Monday and all of the arrangements are being made by Whigham Funeral Home. The funeral home never confirmed or denied the report to People, but , Whingham did handle the funerals for other family members of Whitney Houston's family, like Arthur Lee Warrick, the mother of Dionne Warwick which was Houston's cousin, and Ann Drinkard.

The world didn't only lose a great talented in the music industry, but it lost a great person who always seemed to have a smile on her face.  If we look back you never really saw Whitney 'upset' if she was she did try her best to keep her personal issues to herself.  Granted everyone has their OWN issues that they themselves must deal with, but none the less Whitney will be missed.