There is always something special about this time year when you walk into your favorite grocery store or bakery. Whether its just their presence or the aroma of king cakes, the visit to any establishment that carries them is always a tad bit special at this time of the year. For me personally, I have some of my favorite places to go just to get one, two, or three of these type treats. But I ask, who REALLY has the BEST king cake in Lafayette?!?!While the king cake has its own tradition and meaning, each establishment has it's own unique way of making it.

Sure, that is what makes the king cake a bit special, yet like anything, I have my favorites. The ingredients are noticeably different when it comes to making king cakes from one region to another in Louisiana. However in Lafayette I find that most establishments make king cakes in the same fashion.

Still, as similar as they may be...they are different in taste. So with that said, who truly has the BEST king cake in Lafayette? Its Mardi Gras season and we ALL want to find the best tasting cakes in Lafayette.