We all know Ke$ha is the kind of girl that people commonly refer to as "just one of the guys." Her talk-singing style often tells tales of wild party nights, using whiskey in the place of household toothpaste and waking up with the swagger of hip hop moguls like P. Diddy.

Everytime I see Ke$ha she definitely looks like she slept in whatever she is wearing. I totally get the "party girl persona" but lets be honest; between the glitter, the heavy eye make-up and whatever else was on the couch that Ke$ha probably crashed on last night -- our girl is usually lookin' pretty rough.

But what if I told you, Ke$ha took a shower? Would you believe me? Check out the following pic and tell me if you even recognize the girl in them.

Is this a new look for Ke$ha? If so, I'm diggin' all these pics.