Many of us were introduced to a very elite team in recent hours. As we learned of the death of Osama Bin Laden, we also learned more about the team that is credited for his death. The team is part of the United States Navy Seals, and is often referred to as "Team 6."The group was originally known as Team Six, but the official name was changed in 1987 to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Members of this very elite group are recruited, thus nobody simply applies to be part of this team. Thus, the members of the team are the "best of the best." While most of the information about this group is classified, it is believed that the team was created after a failed attempt to rescue hostages in Iran in 1980. To this day, members of the group have nothing to say about "Team 6." Often if asked, they simply say, "there is no Team 6."

We should all be very proud of this team. As Americans, we should be comforted knowing that we have such GREAT young men and women trained to protect the freedoms we all share. Its teams like "Team 6" that makes us the most powerful force in the world. Last night we saw first-hand that America is alive and well. Plus, we witnessed the dedication and commitment it takes to bring the "bad guy(s)" to justice. We say, JOB WELL-DONE, and we are darn proud of each and every person that has been part of this hunt for a decade!!!